• Object that is stored in replicas and identified by NebuloAddress (i.e. (AppKey, ObjectId) pair).
  • Currently NebuloFile or NebuloList or FileChunk (not used directly by users).
  • Has a unique ID, denoted by ObjectId.


  • Subclass of NebuloObject.
  • A sequence of bytes.
  • Internal structure not interpreted by nebulostore.
  • Possibly encoded.
  • Has an owner that can delete it or modify it.
  • Stored in (possibly many) chunks.


  • Subclass of NebuloObject.
  • synonyms: wall, folder, catalog
  • a collection of entries
  • each entry is a link to an object (see Addressing) or a short sequence of bytes
  • each entry has an ID, unique in the directory
  • directory internal structure is visible to nebulostore
  • for storage purposes, a directory is a NebuloObject
  • entries are encoded with broadcast encryption


A structure used to locate objects and directories in nebulostore. Details: Addressing


An address that allows to directly retrieve a NebuloObject. PhysicalAddress contains a transport layer address of the replicators (e.g. IP+port, or JXTA id) and an ObjectId. PhysicalAddress change when replicators change.


An application-level identifier of NebuloObject. LogicalAddress is translated to PhysicalAddress by a directory service (see Addressing). LogicalAddress does not change during the lifetime of the NebuloObject.


Globally unique name for NebuloObject. Synonyms: DirId.


A nebulostore instance storing a replica of an object.

Synonyms: holder


Runnable object, that uses in/out message queues for communication. Usually (but not necessarily) a singleton that exists during application lifetime. Current Modules: Dispatcher, CommunicationPeer.


Subclass of Module, has jobID and additional queue for communication (connected to CommunicationPeer). JobModules are used for tasks, such as network requests. Current JobModules: Replicator.


Subclass of JobModule, has additional blocking getResult() method. Used for example for blocking API calls.

Job (= Task)

A single thread managed by Dispatcher that is (usually) running an instance of JobModule.

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