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Anwitaman's slides:

glusterFS: GlusterFS is a software-only, highly available, scalable, centrally managed storage pool for public and private cloud environments.


Networking Named Content Van Jacobson et al, CACM:

The Google File System Ghemawat et al, SOSP 2003:

consistency: File namespace mutations (e.g., file creation) are atomic. They are handled exclusively by the master: namespace locking guarantees atomicity and correctness (Section 4.1); the master’s operation log defines a global total order of these operations (Section 2.6.3). The state of a file region after a data mutation depends on the type of mutation, whether it succeeds or fails, and whether there are concurrent mutations.

After a sequence of successful mutations, the mutated file region is guaranteed to be defined and contain the data written by the last mutation. GFS achieves this by (a) applying mutations to a chunk in the same order on all its replicas (Section 3.1), and (b) using chunk version numbers to detect any replica that has become stale because it has missed mutations while its chunkserver was down (Section 4.5). Stale replicas will never be involved in a mutation or given to clients asking the master for chunk locations. They are garbage collected at the earliest opportunity.

A mutation is an operation that changes the contents or metadata of a chunk such as a write or an append opera- tion. Each mutation is performed at all the chunk’s replicas. We use leases to maintain a consistent mutation order across replicas. The master grants a chunk lease to one of the repli- cas, which we call the primary. The primary picks a serial order for all mutations to the chunk. All replicas follow this order when applying mutations. Thus, the global mutation order is defined first by the lease grant order chosen by the master, and within a lease by the serial numbers assigned by the primary.

Cryptographically Enforced Permissions for Fully Decentralized File System, Amann and Fuhrmann, P2P 2010


Adele Lu Jia, Rameez Rahman, Tamás Vinkó, Johan A. Pouwelse, Dick H. J. Epema:
Fast download but eternal seeding: The reward and punishment of Sharing Ratio Enforcement.

Inter-swarm resource allocation in BitTorrent communities
M Capota, N Andrade, T Vinkó

Modeling and performance analysis of BitTorrent-like peer-to-peer networks

The bittorrent p2p file-sharing system: Measurements and analysis
J Pouwelse, P Garbacki, D Epema


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