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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3 Redesign Nebulo so that it can support multiple users at the same time. new nebulostore enhancement major
#15 Fix errors raised in tests when shutting down nebulo reopened grzesiek defect major
#31 integrate & test bittorrent client assigned krz enhancement major
#40 Eliminate AddressAlreadyInUseException from unit tests accepted grzesiek defect major
#45 Web GUI assigned jjpartyka enhancement major
#47 REST API for terminating nebulostore assigned jjpartyka enhancement major
#49 1000+ threads during larger-scale (30+ nodes) tests on some planetlab nodes assigned szymon defect major
#52 Reduce number of threads in network monitor new szymon defect major
#58 Add swagger description of REST API new jjpartyka task major
#59 Suspicious waitingForTransactionResult_ set management new nebulostore defect major
#63 Add general mechanism for repairing lost replicas new pm enhancement major
#65 support for multiple replication groups new nebulostore enhancement major
#66 Fix contract checking new nebulostore defect major
#30 Dirty state left when commit/abort fails new bolek defect minor
#57 clash of objects with different appKey but same objectId: Update failed due to inconsistent state. assigned jjpartyka defect minor
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